StoneCabin releases new track, "Nine Vicious Men"

Portsmouth-based StoneCabin has recently released their brand new track, "Nine Vicious Men". The new offering is their moodiest track to date and is their second single release since the debut effort "Black Cactus" dropped in 2022.

A rising Americana band based out of the South of England, a combination that just works and the results are amazing!

For me, you'd never expect the South of England to be a place where a fantastic folk-come-country band would be located, but here we are! Instrumentally it's incredibly warm like an open fireplace is on a cold winter evening, the guitars kiss your brain as it gently gets you in the mood and the bassline is simply sublime - throbbing all the way through. 

Vocally striking too, it seems like StoneCabin has great tracks in abundance, and if they keep on making tunes like this then I'm sure they'll be big on the British Roots scene!