Sven Ross reveals delicate new single, "a world we believe in"

Dutch singer-songwriter Sven Ross today has revealed his delicate new single, "a world we believe in", which is his first release of 2023 following November's single, "between you and me".

With well over half a million plays on Spotify alone it's clear that Sven has the talent to capture the listener's ears and keep them hooked, and this new offering is much of the same.

The single is just incredible, cinematic and moving

"a world we believe in" is just smooth and delicate throughout, with intricate guitars playing off captivating violins and strings. The single is just incredible, cinematic, and moving with it showcasing exactly why Sven has got to where he is today. 

The track almost feels like two tracks in one, with the last minute being more upbeat and indie-rock-inclined, something that Coldplay could write perhaps with the anthemic vocals and acoustic guitar. 

Do be sure to keep an eye on his socials as he has an EP planned for release later this year!