The Fellons drop new single, "Rollercoaster"

With two singles now behind them the London-based trio of The Fellons are back today with their four-track EP, "Rollercoaster". The release is comprised of the title track, two previous singles and an edit of one of those cuts. I'm fairly certain Spotify has assumed it's an EP, but none the less here we go!

Clear to see that this trio are creating some slick tracks, and long may it continue!

The title track is the freshest of the bunch and seems almost to set the tone for the other tracks, it's got a meaty guitar and frantic drumbeat that drives the track in the choruses, plenty of washed out hazy tone swirling around. It's the kind of track that can invite hoards of people into a mosh pit - so be careful if you listen to this one at full blast as you may find yourself moshing on the train home even!

The other two tracks aren't as new - having previously being given the single treatment back in 2022 - but they still pack a punch. "Thousand Lights" feels as if it's what Royal Blood would sound like with extra Glam-Rock tones wafting over it like a thick smoke, and "Fast Car" is as it suggests - a high tempo track.