Bubble Tea and Cigarettes shares dreamy new single, "French Movie"

Coming out of the rising dream-pop scene in California is Bubble Tea and Cigarettes with their smooth new offering, "French Movie".

The latest track from the Los Angeles band has already got the duo well over 25k plays on Spotify and is surely on course to get well over 100k plays - much like a handful of their previous tracks. 

Here's to the next big act in the Dream-Pop world!

Now sitting pretty at over 4m plays the duo of Kat and Andi are looking to push themselves even more, and "French Movie" sounds like a step in that direction. What we have on the new track is a very delicate synth that opens up the single before some moody bass and almost baroque keyboards come in.

Vocally it's more of the same, and let's be honest why should they mess with a formula that has gotten them so much attention. It's quite clear that by the latter half of "French Movie" you'll be left wowed, it's obvious to see why they're where they are, and long may it continue.

Here's to the next big act in the Dream-Pop world!