Choose Wisely returns with huge new single, "Monster"

Having released his first track back in 2017 Choose Wisely took some time out to work on some new tunes, and come 2021 he then released a duo of tracks, and this year has seen him release his most cinematic track yet.

Titled "Monster" it's made in collaboration with Grim Sickers and opens up with an inviting piano before the vocals come in, and my goodness when they do you'll know about it as chills soon follow. As the track progresses the whole feel of it becomes bigger and bigger, with more instrumentation being added as it goes on. 

Once the anthemic guitar hook comes in it's swiftly followed by a crashing drum set, and it's around this point you have to double check the credits of the song as it feels almost as if Coldplay wrote it. The rap section is a wonderful addition and goes down as one of the biggest surprises I've heard in a track this year.

Speaking about the track Choose Wisely says - "This release is inspired by my observations living in the inner city and the need for more support throughout our communities." The single is now out, and as I mentioned before he also has a few more tunes on Spotify so head over there if you like what you hear!