Coral Palms unveils breezy new track, "Promises"

With Coral Palms now well clear of the 1 million play mark on Spotify they've recently dropped a sizzling new single. Titled "Promises" it feels as if it can get some serious plays, and it easily could be down to the charming mixture of high-tone guitars and glitzy drumbeats.
"Promises" could easily be their most charming cut to date!

If you're a reader of this site you'll be very familiar with this rising quartet, and if you're not then this is a fantastic track to get introduced to them with. 

Opening up with a single dreamy guitar loop it steadily evolves with charismatic vocals before the harmonies follow. It's once those vocal harmonies come in you know that you'll be in for the long-haul, and when the upbeat drums come in the track takes form, feeling almost like a Ska track in places thanks to the sun-kissed instrumentation and angular guitar.

"Promises" could easily be their most charming cut to date, and if you love this then they've got plenty more where that came from over on Spotify.