Drunken Logic unveils 90s influenced new single, "Rounding Up"

Not hanging about is Drunken Logic who has released their second track of the year, titled "Rounding Up" it's got quite the nostalgic 90s rock vibe about it.

The single follows on from "Ten Years' Time" and keeps the same tones as it's predecessor. It's less Weezer and is more Brit-Pop with a drum fill that reminds me a lot of Oasis, and those comparisons don't stop as the warm guitar that follows shortly after gives me big Noel Gallagher sounds.

"Rounding Up" builds and builds, the explosion you're looking for comes at the tail end of the chorus when the bridge to the next verse comes in and it's pretty damn anthemic! The thing with Drunken Logic that also blew us away is how Brit-Rock this sounds, but he's based over in California, and his newfound sound is something we feel like he can really capitalize on!