E-PO unveils soaring new single, "Guidelines"

Birmingham-based quintet today has dropped their new single, "Guidelines", which acts as their third-ever outing. Having formed just last year they decided not to hang about in obscurity and have since dropped two singles before this. Titled "Outcry" and "Mother" they both are filled with deep rock hooks and some punk elements too.
... the trajectory they're on sounds like they're up to something glorious.

The new cut seems to be more of the same, but it sounds like they've dialed the harder elements back and have in turn made it more accessible to fans of guitar music who may not usually be a fan of the heavier sounds. The chorus especially has some bright undertones which remind me a lot of Nothing But Thieves and Biffy Clyro circa 2016.

The band's sound is ever-evolving, but this new offering may just see them break out of the Birmingham scene and into a multitude of playlists - just do us a favor and give them a follow, the trajectory they're on sounds like they are up to something glorious.