Evie Moran reveals new single, "How Do You Like Me Now?"

Just over a week ago Liverpool's Evie Moran revealed her atmospheric new single, "How Do You Like Me Now?", and it's taken over our ears since. The new single is just her fourth outing as a solo artist and the first single since her 2022 single "Disconnected" was released.
... borderline mesmerizing. 

It seems like Evie is continuing on her fine form with this breezy new outing, the track even starts with a delightful combination of synths and angelic electronic sounds with her vocals giving you the immediate wow-factor. 

On this track  there is no hiding from her vocals and you can easily hear how powerful they are propped up against the up-tempo sounds. If you're a fan of Banks then you'll absolutely love Evie's vocal range, it's borderline mesmerizing.