Martin Leary shares bold new single, "It's Time"

Glasgow's Martin Leary earlier this month shared his bold new single, "It's Time", and it's the type of track that has a stinking big guitar right at the start, and trust me it'll hook you in like nothing else!
 the sounds here can fill up the biggest venues it seems!

Sitting in at just under four minutes long the aforementioned the track is draped in haze, both vocally and with the ever-dominant guitar hooks washing over proceedings. What is even more impressive that this track is a solo track, it feels like it should be performed by a six-piece as it's so huge, the sounds here can fill up the biggest venues it seems - or reach the farthest edges of a field at the largest festivals in the world.

If you like what you hear you're in for a good time as there even is a B-Side accompanying this single, and once you're done with that do be sure to head into his back catalogue for more gems - we recommended his previous cut "See Your Love" if you're after some cinematic sounding tunes.