Paige Keiner shares new track, "Crying in the Drive-Thru"

Paige Keiner has recently shared her new track, "Crying in the Drive-Thru", which is her second track in as many months. The track is lifted from her forthcoming EP, which is going to be six tracks long and out later on this year.

The shimmering pop-rock track reminds us of places of Sum 41 with the rhythm guitar, and the intro especially with the intro gives us strong vibes of The Police. It seems that Paige is channeling some classic rock, but with her own twist of 2020's alt-pop on top.
"Crying in the Drive-Thru" has got plenty of nostalgic hooks to get any rock fans from the early 2000s to instantly love this!

Her vocals are delicate and yet powerful when need-be, I'm getting Blink 182 throwbacks here with the tones mixed with Avril Lavigne - like seriously I can't help but compare this to the best rock tunes from the early 2000s! 

Speaking about the song Paige mentions - "This song was inspired by a time when I cried in a McDonald's drive-thru while I was going through a breakup. It felt super embarrassing at the moment, but I ended up writing a really fun and upbeat song about it. I hope it can help remind listeners that it's okay to have experiences like that and that when enough time goes by you can usually find a way to look back and laugh about it."