Sans Patrie reveals brit-pop inspired new single, "Córdoba"

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY is Sans Patrie and late last month saw the singer-songwriter reveal his brit-pop inspired new single, "Córdoba". The single also acts as the first slice of new music since the American-based singer-songwriter dropped his debut self-titled album back in April of 2022.

A wonderful mix of Britpop inspired tones and alt-rock guitar hooks.

The guitar intro to the song seems so familiar to fans of Oasis and The Verve as it's got such a charming tone rolling over the top of it. Vocally it's somewhat nasally with the effects giving it that added Britpop sort of feel, and with the cascading drums dominating the latter half of the track it showcases that Sans Patrie really knows how to write a fantastic song.

Speaking about the song he mentions - " ... "Córdoba" is an alt rock love song inspired by a solo trip I took to the Spanish city. The lyrics are a romanticized view on what want love to look & feel like. During this time, I had just gotten out of a very bad romantic experience & I was left with a lot of self doubt regarding love. I began writing the song as a way to move forward."