Stereo Sunrise reveals nostalgic new single, "Outside"

Coming out of St. Catharines in Canada is Stereo Sunrise and recently the quartet has released their new offering "Outside". The latest single is their second of 2023 and is lifted from their forthcoming album, "Never Say Goodbye".

Unapologetically warm and charming.

"Outside" is a charming track with plenty of clean guitars mixed with an almost marching-band time-perfect drumbeat. There's a slight 90s Indie vibe here, with some tones reminding us of The Smashing Pumpkins especially, and vocally it gives us some warm nostalgia - giving me especially sweet memories in the back of the car driving through the countryside.

Speaking about the song Stereo Sunrise mentions - "The song is about our relationship with the outdoors, and how that changes as we get older. There is less free time to spend and less time outside. It becomes harder to 'find the time'. But the outside is always there, waiting."

The track is unapologetically warm and charming, and if you like what you hear then do be sure to drop them a follow/love on the socials channels to know when the new LP drops.