Swiss Banks hit back with storming new track, "Verve"

Swiss Banks hit back with yet another storming new track, "Verve", and this one doesn't hold back anything. The track opens up with one of the biggest guitar sounds we've heard this month, it's so charming and it gets me hooked right from the get-go

"Verve" has atmosphere in abundance!

(C) Ben Root

Vocally what we have here is some perfectly reverbed tones that swoon and croon all over the instrumentation, it assists the guitar tone to help it get plenty of atmospheres.

With every minute that passes by "Verve" seemingly becomes bigger and bigger with a proper crescendo towards the latter third of the track, before fading away. It's here you're left with a swash of sounds fading away with just the captivating vocals left, giving you that oh-so-sweet ever-lasting impression.