Tasty returns with smooth new offering, "Another Day Alive"

With clear of 1.5 million plays Tasty has revealed their soaring new single, "Another Day Alive". The timing of the release for the New Orleans-based artist is great as it'll be his first release his 2022 release, "Mama I Love You", and even though he's just released one single in the past 12 months his fans are still eager for new tunes.

This is the sort of track you may at first not think you'd get into, but it transcends genres and by the end you'll be a fan I'm sure of it.

The delicate new single opens up with cascading chimes, sexy saxophone tones and a keyboard tone that just woo's you over from the get-go. Vocally it's very dreamy and ethereal, somewhat reminding me of Tame Impala mixed with the pop-tones of The Beatles work towards the end of their time as a band. 

There is no denying that this track straddles the boundaries of multiple genres, but the smooth production of the single combined with his vocals will bring you in to his world and soon you'll be a fan!