The Parlor reveals vibrant new single, "Serpentine"

Back on the 24th of February saw The Parlor reveal their vibrant new single, "Serpentine". The new cut is already their second track of the year and sounds like the perfect marriage pf psychedelia and art-pop music.
"Serpentine" is sheer hypnotism, you'll get lost in it and when you realise you are you'll never wanna let go.

The track reminds of Everything Everything in places with Tame Impala's swirling sounds. Vocally it's dreamy and hazy, somewhat surf like vocals laced on top of some art-rock type skitty drumbeats. Guitars are extra reverby, like Bambi when she started to walk they're a bit jittery but enhances the track further to put you in a mode of sheer hypnotism.