The Public Eye unveils angsty new tune, "Upper Parliament"

Derby's The Public Eye unveiled their angsty new tune just this Friday past, titled "Upper Parliament" it's their first cut of the year and comes hot off the heels of their incredible first full year releasing music.
Absolutely huge, a really charged rock anthem

The quartet now has well clear of 100k plays on Spotify alone and it sounds like "Upper Parliament" was written to help boost their presence even further.

We've got the 'radio edit' version stuck in our heads - as it's just the perfect length for an angsty brit-rock anthem. Vocally the track is up there with the likes of Arctic Monkeys, The Reytons and even the crooning tones of DMA's.

The trach is drenched with this stinking huge guitar tone that rolls over proceedings like a tsunami charging at land, backed up with a tumbling bassline and a marching drum it's the type of track that is close to being called a festival-anthem!