The Qwarks reveal new tune, "Brunch at the end of the world"

Brighton-based outfit The Qwarks revealed their brand new tune, "Brunch at the end of the world", just a couple of days ago. The new single is the second single from the South Coast band since the turn of the year and is a strong following from "Serve up Dreams".

Borderline musical pleasure, pop those headphones on and crank it up!

"Brunch at the end of the world" opens up with an incredibly psychedelic intro which got me worried as I thought that my headphones were playing with me.  Grunge, alt-rock, and brit-pop are combined in the song's instrumental composition, and the direct vocals provide a retro touch that practically transports the listener to the late 1990s.

With the kaleidoscope of sounds streaming in your ears as the song progresses, I'm confident you'll be as intrigued and fascinated as we were by the time it's through. The new offering could well be their biggest yet.

Given that the group is only a trio, they've done an excellent job of making the new tune seem as vast and magnificent as it is. The song nearly has the impression that the musicians want to give the listener genuine musical pleasure.