The Wren unveils her warming new track, "december"

Hailing rom Los Angeles in California is The Wren, and today sees the unveiling of her warm and soulful  new track, "december". The new offering is the first since her debut single, "please don't joke about dying" was released last year and it keeps the mood of the single.

... in short, this song is stunning!

"december" is a warm tune with some stunning vocal tones that can bring even the most casual of listener in and hook them right to the end. The track seems to be a smooth blend of the moody folk tones mixed with acoustic elements that Ed Sheeran is known for in his slower jams.

Speaking about the new release she mentions - " ... "december" is about removing the rose-colored glasses of infatuation to see a heartbreaker for who he’s been all along. It’s a song about accepting the truth, seeing the good in not getting what you want, and realizing that you’re probably better off being single than with someone who isn’t right for you." 

The stripped back nature of the track really allows you to embrace every slither of it, from the haunting backing vocals, to the smooth synth that flows beneath it all and everything inbetween - in short, this song is stunning!