Victoria Simmonds releases moody new tune, "Last Dance in the Rain"

Hailing from the South of England is Victoria Simmonds and just last month saw the singer-songwriter release her moody and jangly new tune, "Last Dance in the Rain".

Both equally dreamy, jangly and moody - be ready for a wave of nostalgic sounds!

As the track fades in what you're welcomed with is a dreamy track that reminds us of late 80s alt-pop with a crackle of vinyl and rainfall filling the air. Once her vocals comes in the track suddenly becomes a different beast, it's almost as if it's a Fleetwood Mac song in terms of how powerful the vocals are, mixed with the jangly guitars of The Smiths.

Speaking about the song Victoria mentions " ... [The song] deals with the struggles and coming to terms with having a loved one with a memory affected illness." With plenty of love from British radio stations, including BBC Radio Solent, she is ever on the rise it seems.