Alex Nauva unveils dark new track, "Fever Part I"

Alex Nauva has returned with his first track since 2021's "HVS", titled "Fever Part I" it' a synthy and electro-enriched track with some strong vocals line.

It's got a very haunting and somewhat chilling sound in the first third of the song with just a trickling electronic pulse, a synth and Alex's vocals going on. As the track  evolves it sounds like a deep and brooding guitar enters the fold before some drums come punching in.

"Fever Part 1" is an exciting dark-toned chillwave track.

The new offering also comes alongside his 360° live performance video over on his YouTube channel, which just encapsulates how exciting this rising Swiss singer-songwriter is.

If you're into your darker synthwave tracks then be sure to check out "Fever Part I" by Alex Nauva, I'm sure there's going to be many more tracks from him like this (why change a formula that clearly works).