Arrows of the Sun reveals endearing new single, "Bigger Wilder Storms"

Oxfordshire-based collective, Arrows of the Sun, released their endearing new single just this Friday gone.The outfit is a collection of friends who perform with one another, and they came together just after the first lockdown in the UK - sometimes out of the darkness there always comes the silver lining, and this sounds like it was for the musicians in Arrows of the Sun.
"Bigger Wilder Storms" is vocally delicate and instrumentally stunning.

"Bigger Wilder Storms", as mentioned earlier, was released just a few days ago, but it's already received quite the fanfare over on their Soundcloud page! The jangly acoustic guitars welcome the listener into the belly of the song, sounding almost like an acoustic version of The Smiths, especially with the strong vocals gripping me upon the first listen.

The new single is such an upbeat acoustic-rock track with some strong hints and nods of folk added for good measure, the strings combined with the anthemic guitar in the background of the tracks sends it close to the stratosphere. Vocally delicate and instrumentally stunning, "Bigger Wilder Storms" is just one of many tracks by the collective - one of around 26 in fact on their Soundcloud! - so do be sure to delve into their music when you finish with this track.