common goldfish shares latest tune, "On The Sidelines"

Coming off the back of his breakout single, "Low Lights and Throwback Tunes", which has gone somewhat viral with clear over 150k plays on Spotify. common goldfish is back and has shared his latest tune, "On The Sidelines".

Psychy, nostalgic and groovy - common goldfish once again delivers!

Now with the new influx of listeners and fans onboard now he is sitting pretty at 50k monthly listeners, and this psychy new cut seems like it's going to capture more fans based on how groovy it is.

With an intro that gives me big late-The Beatles vibes to the clean acoustic guitar that is very The Beach Boys - common goldfish has gathered all of his influences and has one again made a soothing blend of psych-pop and retro sounds.

Vocally hazy too this feels to me to be the cherry on the cake if you will, and now common goldfish has arrived on the psych scene I feel like the future is bright for this (now emerged) London artist!