Harpa releases beautiful new single, "Shrink"

Back in Mid-May 2021 saw the debut release by Harpa and since then she's steadily got more and more plays as releases roll by, with Spotify playlists picking up on her music it's got the ball rolling and this new song could easily push her more into the consciousness of the casual listener.

"Shrink" is a delicate track, and as you press play ever-so-gently some gorgeous piano tones kick proceedings off. Shortly after a faint but powerful violin enters the fold with her vocals rolling over, almost capturing your attention if it wasn't already caught.

Speaking about the song Harpa mentions- " ... "Shrink" encapsulates everything I’ve felt obligated to be in order to be more agreeable to men and, at the same time, it's a big “f*** that!!". Vocally she is stunning, and with the backdrop of the soaring strings and moody acoustic guitar it's a winner in my eyes.