James Bone releases new single, "The Ballad of Billy and Janey"

Returning with his fourth release since September 2022 is James Bone and the latest single, "The Ballad of Billy and Janey".

Swagger-filled soul-rock with plenty of horns to shake a stick at.

The new single also acts in a way as his debut with a full band backing him up, this further enhances the listening experience as there are plenty of smooth pieces of instrumentation layered on top of one another. The case in question is the intro, it's just his vocals with a simplistically warm guitar, but it soon bursts into a soulful swagger-filled rock jam.

"The Ballad of Billy and Janey" is filled with plenty of horns, strong vocals and a tambourine that reminds me (personally at least) of Liam Gallagher. James Bone seems to be on his own with this level of stunning soul-infused rock music it seems, and with the quality, he has now in his back pocket I can see him rising to the very top of the London music scene,