Jamie Bosanko releases thrilling new effort, "Life Will Do"

Coming in at a sweet 110 seconds long is Jamie Bosanko with his thrilling new effort, "Life Will Do", which is the first since his 2022 track "When You're Dancing" was relased. The new track dropped just a week or so ago it's an energetic indie-rock anthem that brings back memories of my teenage years. It's filled with plenty of soaring guitars that charm their way into a 90s kid's heart.

Even though it's a quick and snappy track the sound lingers when long after it's finished!

I'm reminded strongly of Frank Turner with the directness of the vocals, and instrumentally we've got nods of peak indie-rock 2000s mixed in too, something that I abso-flipping-lutly love. The Barrow-based singer-songwriter has that special blend of punky overtones mixed with the direct and angular indie-rock sound that we can't get enough of.