Kobanova drops charming new single, "The Hunt"

Coming out of Athens, GA is Kobanova with their oh-so-sweet new indie anthem, "The Hunt". The new single follows swiftly on from their equally charming single "Deep Blue" and keeps the Americana-tinted-alt/rock sound going.

Soothing alt-rock with a smooth Georgian charm added to it.

Even though it's under two and a half minutes long it feels much longer, a main reason is they don't mess about with the intro getting you stuck into the smooth vocals right away. The voice here has that Southern sound to it - which to be honest is what drew us in to begin with - mixed in with some truly organic instruments as we've got an acoustic guitar, dashes of piano and even tambourine.

The quartet are keeping to their sound and why not, it's working so well for them and has got them noticed by plenty of people. They're clearly going in the right direction and this track could prove to be the turning point for them - who knows where they go from here, but all we know is it'll be one heck of a ride!

Be sure to follow them on the socials as they're planning to release an album in the not-too-distant future.