Lilly Marshall unveils debut single, "Ocean Song"

Coming out of the scene in New Jersey is Lilly Marshall with her debut single, "Ocean Song". The first solo single from the 19-year-old singer-songwriter is a classic example of those 'no-pressure' debut tracks that exceed expectations. 

It's a classic example of warm folk-inspired music that gets you all warm and cosy.

Opening up with an experimental(almost) drum beat and delicate piano tones it's a warm opening and gets even better when her vocals come rolling over. 

The song's pure majesty takes over in the bridge before the chorus, with some delicate guitar added to assist elevate the track even more. Marshall, Swersky, and Brielle Brown co-wrote the song with Grammy-winning songwriter/producer Marc Swersky, and her vocals blend nicely with the folk-inspired sounds heard on the track.

It's a great intro for this up-and-coming singer, be sure to stay up to date with her music on her social channels and Spotify!