The Band Cope drops captivating new anthem, "Georgia"

Coming out of San Diego in California is The Band Cope with their brand new offering, "Georgia". The track is released today (7th April 2023) and is the first track from the trio since their September 2022 effort "Anyone".

... blissful indie-rock mixed with dreamy vocals

"Georgia" is one of those blissful indie-rock tracks that can easily hold a candle to the very best in the business, and as soon as it kicks off you're introduced to them with a smooth guitar and equally mesmerizing vocals.

The single has a lot of depth, with the higher tones reminding me of the early Bloc Party sound with a slightly folk backline that helps to bring it all together. Again, as mentioned earlier the vocals are by far one of the highlights for me on this song as it's a slow-burner, but the listener gets rewarded - oh boy do we!