Anaïs Lund releases her gorgeous new single, "The Mess"

Anaïs Lund has earlier this morning shared her brand new single, "The Mess", which is her fourth track since she started to release tunes in May of 2020.

Speaking about the track Lund mentions -  " ... "The Mess" was born from a feeling of being dominated by anxiety, a hunger for spontaneity, and a poem that came to me when I needed it most. The mess is about wishing to break free and feel alive."

Anaïs Lund's vocals are just effortlessly charming.

"The Mess" is a very upbeat affair with some delicate chiming twinkles around the mid-way point, but it's the intro that hooked us. The opening with a strong and deep sounding guitar works perfectly with her powerful vocal tones, and as the track goes by more subtle elements are added, like an electronic sounding xylophone.

Once the drums hit it's there when you have to submit to the song, it's just effortlessly charming and beautiful with not an overcluttered moment in sight.