Cigarettes for Breakfast shares their sonic new single, "Join the Circus"

With over 50,000 plays since 2020 the Philadelphia-based trio of Cigarettes for Breakfast have recently released their strong new outing, "Join the Circus".

Equal parts dream-pop, punk and grunge - a kaleidoscope of guitars for all to feast on.

The song opens up with a dreamy vocal laced with some smooth synth tones (or at first that what it sounds like, but they're effect-laden guitars put through plenty of juicy pedals) and another hazy guitar line wallowing away in the background, but it's not too long before the song drops with a punk-lead guitar and a powerful drumline kicks in.

The sound of "Join the Circus" reminds me of the late grunge bands in the mid-90's towards the early 2000s, we've got lots of soaring guitars here and as someone who grew up in that era I found myself loving this tune rather quickly.