Farees drops his soothing new tune, "She Talks With Jesus"

Farees earlier this month dropped his soothing new tune, "She Talks With Jesus", which acts as his first single since his 7-track release - "Galactic Africa" - was released back in 2022.

Somewhat psychy with plenty of nostalgia, with blissfully beautiful vocals.

The new offering from the American-based artist kicks off with some crisp acoustic guitar tones and organic percussion in the form of what sounds like a wooden block. Vocally I'm reminded of Dire Straits here in places, it's a strong track with some melodies that can take you into a lull. 

It's not all mainly a chilled-out song, there are moments with bursting sounds that drive the tempo up, I can easily see this being one of Farees' best tracks he may ever write, it's like his calling card for the major labels!