Jeff Andrew reveals folky new track, "The Last Wild Werewolf"

Earlier on this month Jeff Andrew released his new track "The Last Wild Werewolf" - and since has released a new single.

It's clear from the get-go that "The Last Wild Werewolf" is going to be a commanding folk-lead track, and with a stunning violin piece at the start it got me from there. As soon as Jeff's vocals come in they're backed up with a brooding set of strings which adds plenty of atmosphere.
"The Last Wild Werewolf" sounds perfect for a montage in a blockbuster film!

I can easily see this track being perfect for a montage in a blockbuster film, it's got the gravitas to captivate and move you, even if you are a new fan of his. 

Speaking about the song Jeff mentions - "This song is about an alternate world, where werewolves used to be common, but have now been hunted nearly to extinction."

With a new single out already (today as I'm posting this) Jeff is certainly an artist you can delve deep into, so why not give his folk tones a spin now!