Justin Sconza reveals his dreamy new track, "Upside Down World"

Just a week ago saw Justin Sconza release his third album, titled "Parlor" it's his third since 2023 and the opening track is this the dreamy "Upside Down World", and that's the song we will be focusing on today.

"Upside Down World" is beyond beautiful

Sitting in under three minutes long it's got great potential to be played over and over again, and you kind of get that feeling when you play the track for the first time with the delicate bursts of sounds. His vocals helps set the tone here with some hooks that can easily calm you down in an instant, it's perhaps the mixture of raw emotion and warmness that Justin has that wins us over.

Instrumentally it's rather simplistic, a soft drumbeat with some other percussion instruments added in, crisp guitars that can paint a picture of serenity, all the while with a somewhat country/Americana twang in the background adding more flavor to the song. 

As an opening track to an album goes this is beyond beautiful, so head on down below to check out the track (and perhaps the full LP too!).