Neo & Neo shares dark and atmospheric new single, "Labuan Bajo غافل"

It's not every day you hear a track that's got some Middle Eastern flavors adorning it, and that's exactly what Neo & Neo's latest track has in it. Titled "Labuan Bajo غافل" it's the second track to be released by the band from their 'Hardstudios Switzerland' session.

A smooth blend of Western rock tones with the atmospheric sounds of the Middle East.

Coming in at close to five minutes long you'd think that it may go on for too long, while it's quite the opposite. Opening  up with delicate percussion sounds it's then followed swiftly with a grungy sounding guitar tone lifted from the murkiness of the 1990s.

Vocally this track is incredibly strong with some raw and gritty vocals taking you on a ride throughout, and combined with the backing vocals it helps to add plenty of Western flavors to a track that feels almost as if it's been lifted from the Arabian desert.

Speaking about the song the band mentions - "The song was written on an island at the other end of the world. The evening is hot and tropical, there is one of the most beautiful sunsets happening you've ever seen, and in the background you can hear the prayer chantings of a minaret."