Roots Asylum drops high-octane new tune, "Ride On"

Hailing from Michigan in the USA is Roots Asylum, and just recently they have dropped their high-octane new tune, "Ride On". Vocally this reminds me a lot of The Beatles mixed with some Americana twangs you can find in tracks by The Black Keys. The single follows on from their three-track release "Golden Hearts" earlier on this year and sees them stepping up their game, potentially for something big we feel!
Sensationally upbeat with plenty of nostalgic tones.

The track is incredibly upbeat and the tempo is borderline a problem if you're driving a car as it can easily get you feeling like you're going 100pmh. The pace of the track however is perfect and kept me hooked at every point of the track, and when I first heard it I knew that it was going to be thrilling.

I wouldn't want to be the drummer when this track is being performed live, it's frantic and hasn't got much time for respite. If you ever see the band performing this live I can easily see it being the cornerstone track of the show, it's got everything to get a crowd going (and more!).

The band mentions in their press release that ... "This anthem of escapism and good times is sure to get your heart racing as your hair blows in the wind." If you're looking for an upbeat track to get your week started then look no further than "Ride On" by Roots Asylum!