The Horn return with bold new tune, "Another Way"

After a breakout year back in 2022 The Horn have returned for 2023 with bold new tune, "Another Way". Keeping their sound on point and consistent is a main reason why they've done so well, and this somewhat funky new outing has plenty of summer-ready vibes to throw at you.

A shimmering slice of upbeat indie-rock.

If you're a fan of The Vaccines, Foals and post-Britpop sounds then good news as that's what this slice of shimmering music reminds me of.

With clear over a quarter million plays the band have got this chunky and angular guitar opening up the track before some sing-along vocal hooks come in and latches you. With an incredibly infectious drumbeat underlining it all I can see this being a key song in their live shows, and now that they're on the rise you need to certainly check them out before they're huge and everywhere!