Therum unveils new single, "Sweet Victories / Sour Defeat"

Hailing from Gainesville, FL is Therum and not too long ago he has unveiled his brand new single, "Sweet Victories / Sour Defeat". Now you'd be forgiven to think that this is an AA-side single, but it seems that Therum has pulled out an Uno-reverse on us as it's just one big track - sitting in at chunky 7 minutes long.
It's a magical kaleidoscope of shoegaze and brighter grunge tones, be sure to enjoy the implosion of sound in the last two minutes!

The new single is very delightful to the ears as it's got a fantastic intro with fuzzy synths, breezy guitar tones and perfectly reverbed vocals adorning it. In-fact the whole six minutes and fifty-seven seconds of the track is wrapped up in this glorious hazy summer sheen.

You don't really know when "Sweet Victories" turns into "Sour Defeat" but all we do know is that the time flashed before our eyes (and ears), it's one magical whirl of shoegaze and brighter grunge tones!