COMETT drops nostalgic new single, "Alone"

Coming out of Paris, France is COMETT and now he's dropped a nostalgic new single, "Alone", which only came out just last week. Sitting close to a million streams on Spotify I'm not surprised I was blown away with this track on the first play.

Big hints of 90s nostalgia here, with some similarities drawn against the laid-back tunes by Radiohead.

"Alone" opens up with this charming singular guitar and his vocals, it sets the tone for the track as a charming yet relaxing affair. Bit by bit layers are added, like a cake being put together, and the smooth brass tones swiftly follow before an upbeat drumkit works its way in.

I've got the feeling that this sounds a bit like a Radiohead track with the guitar and drumbeat working together, and perhaps that's where this 90s nostalgia comes into play. Especially towards the end, we get a lovely lasting memory of the track with soaring guitars that sound like they were cherry-picked from the very best post-punk revival bands.