Greg Bounce releases euphoric new single, "Find a Love"

Back with his second single release of 2023 is Greg Bounce with his tune "Find a Love", the new single from the Portugal-based singer-songwriter has got a lot going for it.

... equally euphoric and uplifting. 

It's clear from the first second that Greg's new single is very laid-back, vibrant, and with some slight experimental tones. One sense that I got from the start was how this reminded me of Coldplay and Radiohead in equal parts, it's the piano in the intro mixed with the punchy drums that got me feeling that way - and the fact his vocals gives me big Thom Yorke vibes.

Indeed, "Find a Love" draws on Bounce's influences and helps him transform them into a track that is equally euphoric and uplifting but keeps it grounded with an underlying laid-back tone. In short, this is a track that can open many doors for Greg Bounce, just be sure to head into "Find a Love" head first, enjoy!