Lili Joy drops an incredibly dreamy single, "She"

At the tail end of May saw the release of an incredibly dreamy track, titled "She" It's the latest stunner to be released by Lili Joy and once again features her vocals as the lead instrument. At just 20 years old she's released a whole host of tracks already, and not just that, they're to such a high degree that I'm flabbergasted if she's an unsigned artist. 
The combination of Lili Joy's vocals and atmospheric sounding instruments truly captivated us.

"She" literally starts with a dreamy guitar that instantly warms your ears up, even on a cold day in the North of England. Her vocals are just pure angelic and in my opinion, could rival the very best in this genre. The whole track has this smooth surf-type undertone, a byproduct perhaps of being based out of California, but all this means is that by the time the track has finished, you'll be rushing over to listen to the rest of her music/

The new single is lifted from her debut album - out next month - so not long to wait for even more stunning tracks such as this! Speaking about the new single she says - "It is one of my favorite songs on the album because it is an expression of all that I have been through pursuing music as a young person as well as growing up into adulthood. This song was written as a love letter to my past, present and future self. Showing empathy for my past self, giving thanks for my present existence, and holding hope for the future."