LOUIZA releases their strong new cut, "The One You Lost"

Coming out of the Oakland music scene is LOUIZA, and just this Friday saw her release the strong new cut, "The One You Lost". Hot off the heels of "Burn Out" it keeps the hype-train going with yet another vocally-lead track, but this time around it's somewhat less experimental and more arty.

Strong tones of Enya and Bjork mixed with Radiohead's instrumentation.

There's a lovely dark undertone on "The One You Lost" and it comes to a head when the vocals fade away and you're left with a pulsating thick synth pounding away. It's both ethereal, haunting and dreamy with some elements reminding me of Enya and Bjork mixed with Radiohead's instrumentation.

Speaking about the song LOUIZA mentions - "[The song] is a reaction to overturning Roe v Wade as an example of how Puritan mythology still impacts women and their bodies in our politics, media and culture."

If you liked this cut then be sure to go head first into her Spotify catalogue, be sure to give the vocally charged track "Swim at Night" a listen.