Makeup shares nostalgic new single, "21st Century Blues"

Having released a batch of singles since 2019 London singer-songwriter, Makeup, has recently shared his nostalgic new single, "21st Century Blues". The new single is his second of 2023 and features some incredible string sections intertwined with his strong (and equally powerful) vocals.

"21st Century Blues" is an out-and-out soaring gem of a track, we can't wait to check out the EP when it finally drops!

The new cut is lifted from his forthcoming EP. and speaking about the release Makeup mentions - "The EP is a concept project about someone finding out the world is going to end, using the five stages of grief as a narrative structure as our character mourns the life they won't get to live and reflects on the youth they did. "21st Century Blues" is an exploration of the swings between depression and excess, experience and apathy, and a true showcase of Makeup's orchestral rock sound."

The track has this delightfully smooth and airy synth that kicks things off, reminding me of the Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack for some reason, which in my opinion just enhances his vocals to the levels that can captivate the largest of crowds.

As mentioned in the intro the strings on this single are powerful, adding depth and quality to proceedings. The upbeat guitar that bounces around the percussion gives "21st Century Blues" a somewhat indie-pop vibe to it while keeping the tempo reigned in.