Manchester's Church Party shares new single, "Back In The Room"

Manchester's Church Party have recently shared their brand new single, "Back In The Room". The new single is just their second ever and follows on from their 2020 debut single "How Can U Know?".

An urgent and nostalgic track for modern times, very brit-pop in places.

The new tune is a very quirky affair with some wonky guitar tones that are jagged as flint, but it's got this amazing tone that will get the listener's interest from the first play of the song (heck, the first ten seconds of it perhaps).

Vocally it's much like any post-punk revival band with yelping vocals and a rather British tone wrapping it up, with the range heard here being so wide it spans all of the sub-genres and more. It's dark, bright, vibrant, and very arty all in one.

Speaking about the song the band mentions - " ... "Back In The Room" was written after frontman Tommy Stewart visited a friend who had been sectioned." going on to say "The song is lead-singer Tommy Stewart’s withdrawals, sleep apnoea and paralysis summarised in one brilliant pop song."