Rhys Coventry reveals debut single, "Carry Me Home"

Hailing from the stunning Byron Bay in Australia Rhys Coventry with his debut single, "Carry Me Home". One thing that hits you off from the outset, it's his vocals, they're just so powerful you get almost pushed back into your seat they're that stunning.
A beautiful and energetic debut track, he's going on to great things!

Instrumentally it's just as charming as Rhys' vocals, crisp guitars adorn the track and it feels so polished it's like an Ed Sheeran track. Add in some upbeat hand claps and percussion and it's not soon after you'll find your toes tapping along to the upbeat tones.

Even though this is his first official release you can check out a whole 'album's worth' of tracks on his SoundCloud page (remember that site from back in the day) where he even has some demos floating about - be sure to listen to them before he gets signed and they disappear forever!