Symbol Soup unveils new track, "Appetite"

Symbol Soup last week released his third single of the year, Appetite", and it came with the news of his debut album too - the LP will be released via London tastemaker label Sad Club Records. The new song got me from the first play, there's a sweet blend of Britpop elements with the soaring guitars opening up proceedings and haunting vocals rolling over them. 
Sweet blend of Britpop and smooth vocal melodies.

Once the track gets into the first verse you can really hear how mesmorising the vocals can be, with the perfect amount of backing vocals. The melodies that Symbol Soup beholds on this track are fantastic, it's the combination of this and the aforementioned Britpop tones that made me like it from the first play. 

Now with a trio of singles behind him, the future is looking rather solid for this up-and-coming singer-songwriter from London - it won't be long before people will be talking about Symbol Soup.