The Outerlines drop frantic new tune, "Kelsey"

 Hailing from Preston in Lancashire it's one of those obscure cities in England that non-Brits wouldn't really know much about of - unless you're a fan of David Beckham. But back on track now, The Outerlines are looking to become the best band to come out of the city.

Their new single, "Kelsey", is just their second-ever single following on from their breakthrough tune "Come Down".

The track has got some hazy tones giving it this surf sheen that screams 'summer anthem'!

As soon as you play the track there's this very danceable drumbeat and a playful guitar that almost hooks you in. Vocally I'm reminded of JAWS and Swim Deep with the hazy tones giving it this surf sheen that screams summer anthem!

If I were you I'd keep an eye on these lads, we heard the demo of this and even then we were excited!