VISSIA unveils video for her single, "Doorway"

Canadian singer-songwriter VISSIA earlier this month unveiled the video for her single, "Doorway", which was actually lifted from her last album. The album in question is called "With Pleasure", and since its release in 2021, it's generated over a quarter of a million streams for the Edmonton-based artist.

Incredibly cinematic both musically and visually. 

The video for the alt-pop anthem is set in a futuristic Western with aliens and cyborgs both present. It's an incredibly cinematic video for an equally cinematic and ethereal song.

The video was such a big production it even took two days to get all of the footage for the three-minute song.

If you like what you see (and of course hear) then it's great news as there are plans for VISSIA to be releasing an album next year - which could easily get her even hundreds of thousands more plays.