Anna-Sophie unveils new track, "Breathe"

Vienna-based Anna-Sophie at the tail end of last month unveiled her brand new track, "Breathe". The new cut comes in a long line of successful tracks, with a clear of 15 million streams on just Spotify (with more amongst other platforms).

It's a truly glorious feast for your ears!

The new offering is "Breathe" and is the fourth single of the year from the rising singer-songwriter. With less than a three-minute run-time you'd be thinking it's a blink and you'll miss it song, but it's so much more.

The vocals on this had me coming back time and again, it's so well polished with that foot-stomping drumbeat providing something for your body to get on board with. When the chorus hits it's very pop-punk but with some anthemic indie-rock guitars for good measure.