Blonde Bones releases "Not Well", lifted from their latest album

Hailing from Nashville - aka the hub of new music in the USA - is Blonde Bones, and recently the outfit has dropped their second album, "New Animals". One of those songs on the new LP is titled "Not Well", and it's a fantastic slice of alt-pop fused with psychedelic elements. 
"Not Well" si so charismatic and fused with alt-pop tones and psychedelic elements.

The charming guitar twangs at the start of the tune almost hook you in, and as soon as those hazy vocals come in you're there, you're in the zone. Vocally there are hints of Americana mixed in with Dream-pop, almost as if you're on a horse galloping at the edge of the desert by the sea. Imagine it, the sun setting on the horizon and you're surrounded by sand.

"Not Well" sits at the latter half of the album, but it's so charismatic we feel that this easily could have been the lead single.